Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Today is Take a Walk in the Park Day!  I cannot wait to go walk through the parks in Paris.  Here the ground is still covered in snow (not that I mind!  I love the snow!) but it's really nice & warm out today.  It's 4 degrees!  Haha.  (I'm really not being sarcastic.)

So speaking of walking & parks & dogs (let's pretend I was just talking about dogs...) on Friday we thought we lost Squirt.  Ahhhhhhh that was bad!!  Haha.  She's never been missing before... if anyone is every out front with her and forgets to bring her in, she stands by the front door and waits for someone to let her back in.  We tore the house apart looking for her, looked all over in the backyard... started searching up & down the street.  I was just bawling my eyes out, haha.  Keith came over and the second he opened the front door, I heard a little bark go.  I ran upstairs towards the sound, and she was sticking her little head out from underneath the dresser.  One of her balls was under there, and she tried to get it and ended up getting stuck.  Or was just hiding.  Ha.  Either way, we found her.  Ahhhh but I was so scared!  Haha.  I thought my little Squirtle was gone forever...


  1. Thats how I feel when I can not find one of our cats!!
    They are all indoor cats and if I can not find one I get a panic attack and think the world is coming to an end!!
    I am so glad that you found Squirt!!

  2. Aw! Silly little Squirt! i love that she tried to get her toy. I would have been having a fit if I couldn't find my dog! I've had plenty of scares like that.

  3. Aww, you poor thing! I've had so many scares like that with my dog (at least, when he was younger - he'll just plop himself next to me and sleep anymore, haha). He used to know exactly how to turn his neck to get out of his collar and then he'd take off. He was mischievous! Then once I thought he got out so I was around the whole neighborhood yelling for him and he the house, sleeping.

  4. How scary to think you lost your dog!! Glad you didn't :)


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