Friday, April 8, 2011

Comics with Moonbeamwishes!

Hey guys! Today I have the wonderful Megan from Moonbeamwishes guest posting!!   Megan is AMAZING.  The other day I received the sweetest package ever from her.  It was filled with candy & tons of other treats.  (Keith LOVED it!  He has such a sweet tooth!)  Be sure to head on over to her blog & go say hi!  But first, read these funny comics!   Which comics are your favourite?  I bought a Foxtrot book years ago, and I still love it.  Haha.  (And of course I love Archie comics, but those are kind of a different type!)

Hello Holly Knitlightly readers!! I am Ms. Megan and I write over at moonbeamwishes.
Today I wanted to share with you one of my many loves.
More specifically:: laughter.
I love to laugh and to read humorous things.
That is why I start off each and every morning with a cup of tea and the comics section of the newspaper.
Here are some funny comics found on GoComics and Comics.
Please enjoy and have a lovely {humorous} day!!! 


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