Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grilled Cheese Day & Look Up in the Sky Day!

Today is a pretty awesome day. The warm weather has finally decided to hit southern Ontario.  Sunday it was especially warm out, it was at least 20*!  So nice.  It's nice that Keith is still off from work for the winter time, because we get to go out during the day & do things.  In a little bit I think we're going to go see one of the many waterfalls nearby.   If I wasn't so lazy right now (ha!) I would pack us a little picnic lunch.  But, you know, it's me... soo... (Maybe we'll stop at Licks later, ha!) Actually... I think I might just go make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.  But what kind?  Check out all of these tasty recipes:
goat cheese grillled cheese by grilled cheese social
grilled cheese & carmalized apple by bs in the kitchen
healthy grilled cheese by black eiffel
spinach pesto grilled cheese by closet cooking
grilled cheese & soup by jenny steffens
grilled cheese shooters!! I love this idea.
asparagus grilled cheese by closet cooking
tomato basil soup & grilled cheese bites by with style and grace. YUM!


  1. oh my, I wanna celebrate both!! just might have to! mmm grilled cheese!

  2. The funniest thing! I had the strangest craving for grilled cheese today and made myself a grilled ham and cheese. Then I log on to Google Reader and see this as your post for the day. For once, I am celebrating with you for these festive days!

    Hope you have a great week :)

  3. Wow, spinach pesto grilled cheese is just calling out my name!

  4. totally eat them at least once a week. what a creative blog name you have!


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