Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Scrabble Day with Campfire Chic!

It's Kam again, and I'm back! When was I here last?

March 12: Plant a Flower Day
March 29: Small Business Owners Day

And now I'm here to celebrate an equally awesome holiday...Scrabble Day! How do I want to celebrate today? First, with some wishful thinking: A Scrabble-themed wedding!

One of my girlfriends in grad school is part of a beautiful wedding planning company called Bellz & Whistlez. I love all the beautiful weddings the create...especially the one involving Scrabble! In this story, the groom proposed to his future bride using a Scrabble board so it is only fitting that they have a really awesome Scrabble wedding, right?

First, they invited their guests

They asked their guests to sign in

Then asked the guests to find their seats
[All photos from Bellz & Whistlez blog]

How beautiful, right? I created a new board on my Pinterest just for wedding photos because of these photos!

So, not all of us will get/want the dream wedding, but still want some Scrabble in our lives. How about some beautiful items from one of our favorite online marketplaces?

Azuree is one of my favorite Etsy sellers. She had great taste and is a pleasure to work with. Holly posted about Azuree's cards in the past, and above is a photo of one of her prints. A Scrabble heart!

Looking for something a little cozier?
Scrabble Pillows from Shop Dirtsa

Something close to Holly's heart

And finally, a coffee cozy!

I hope this inspires you to dig out your old Scrabble board, 
download the popular phone apps, and get your spelling on. 
Thank you, Holly, for letting me take over yet again.


  1. ahh I love scrabble. I'm currently addicted to Words for Friends... it's the best!

  2. Um what an amazing post!! Inspired.


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