Saturday, April 9, 2011

I need an invervention...

... for Sudoku.  (And maybe Pinterest.  I was going to knit tonight, but then next thing I knew I was getting sucked into all of the wonderful images on Pinterest.  Ever have that happen to you?)

Seriously.   I don't dream anymore (Okay, that is a huge lie.  I still have crazy dreams every single night...), I just play Sudoku games in my sleep.  My dreams are just one big Sudoku game.  At least once a night I play a game in my sleep.  Ever since I discovered the Sudoku section (by the way, I don't understand why my computer is telling me sudoku has to be capitalized!  So strange...) at the book store I spend at least 10 minutes flipping through the books.  And I have to buy a new one every time I go.  I found an awesome wipe-on/wipe-off Sudoku book last time!  When I discovered a 16x16 puzzle I was in heaven!!  Haha.  Do any of you guys love Sudoku as much as I do?  Or are there any similar games/puzzles that you are always doing?  Please, someone, tell me you have also had a dream where you have been playing Sudoku... tell me I'm not alone here.  

Amazing is all I have to say for these CUPCAKES.


  1. I'm obsessed with Sudoku! I'll start a game in bed and say "just one, then sleep" but of course one turns into several and I fall asleep much later!

  2. Don't worry.... I had Sudoku dreams before, too! :)

  3. you are not alone.... my friend and I have sudoku wars... we have the same book and and have timed matches... so fun!
    Those are some super cute cupcakes.
    Happy Sudoku-ing!

  4. I used to play sudoku all the dang time but the knitting took over everything in recent years.

    btw, do you have any pintrest invites left?

  5. Haha! I could never get into Sodoku, but I feel that way about this word game I have on my iTouch. It's called Whirly Word & I'm obsessed.

  6. I HATE sudoku! I'm so impatient so I get so fed up and end up like ripping the page out haha. My sister though, can't live if she doesn't finish one hahaha

  7. hahahaha. i had them before, at least i'm already not so into them now. those cupcakes are so cute~

  8. a) those cupcakes ARE amazing.
    b) i haven't placed sudoku in my sleep, but i HAVE played text twist in my sleep. so.

  9. sudoku cupcakes!? haha how fun is that?!?!

  10. Those cupcakes are GREAT!
    And its true.. this game will take over your life!! So entertaining.

    Maybe its capitalized cause its trademarked? Like Monopoly.. I don't know. Weird.


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