Friday, April 15, 2011

If you want a revolution...

This song has been stuck in my head since I heard it for the first time, um, yesterday.  But I really, really like it.  So, enjoy:
Haha. Anyway, today is McDonalds day. Or, actually McDonalds' birthday. Today I wanted to try a Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry (I didn't even know these EGG-sisted until the other day.) and they were sold out! AH! Bummer! I think I may have to hit up another McDonalds later on today & see if they still have some. I looooove Cadbury Cream Eggs... and I don't remember the last time I had a McFlurry.  Anyway, I'm off to listen to this song over & over again (Do you guys do that too?  When you find a song that you really like you listen to it over & over again?  For... um, weeks?  Ha!) and do some knitting!


  1. Ohhh, ok, now you that song stuck in my head AND craving a Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry :) I always liked the M&M ones, but this would top it all!

  2. There's such a thing as Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurries?! WHAT!? That sounds delicious! I need one. Haha.

    And I totally do that, once I find a song I love, I listen to it over and over and over again... for like a month haha

  3. hey miss!! you won the giveaway from alice of niceties for a custom portrait/photo! i just tried clicking on the 'contact' button on your blog to try and find your email address but it takes me to outlook and i don't have that soooo i was unsuccessful! send an email to so i can get you and alice in touch with one another!


  4. A Cadbury Egg McFlurry?! Oh my gosh! That sounds delightfully sinful!

  5. that's such a fun song. I can see why it's stuck in your head. Lately, I have had a ton of kirtan stuck in my head.


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