Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

Happy peanut butter & jelly day!  I think I like jam better than jelly... I'm actually not quite sure what the difference is.  Okay, after a bit of research (umm, one google search)... jelly is more smooth with no chunks of fruit, it's mostly made with juices of fruit.  And jam is just crushed fruit and stuff.  Yeah, jam wins.  (Except when pieces of the seeds get stuck in your teeth.  But it still tastes better, to me!)  Anyway, I had no idea there were so many different things you could do with peanut butter & jelly!
You can make sushi:

bon appetit
Mallomars (whatever that is, ha!):
my baking addiction
this chick cooks
sweets by sillianah
Mini Pies:
picky palate
Ice Cream Sandwiches:
foot network uk
I think my favourite though is good old fashioned toast with peanut butter & JAM:
jenny steffens
fuss free cooking
Yum!  Oooh and don't forget to enter this giveaway going on with Campfire Chic!


  1. I never really have cravings for this food, but when I do eat it, I'm always reminded how great it is.

    Nice collection of sweets!

  2. now you make me want to eat pb&j nom nom nom!

  3. AHH! :) that sushi is adorable and i love jam MUCH better than jelly! :)

  4. ah i LOVE love love pb & j! it totally hits the spot for something sweet!

  5. pb&j is one of my favorites! but im not sure i could eat it on something other than bread. lol crazy how many different variations you found!

  6. hahaha oh holly, you are so much fun!
    i love reading all your blog posts.
    i like jam better too :)
    & wow so many fun and creative things you can do with pj & j!

  7. omg!! what a FANTASTIC day to celebrate!! i LOVE PB&J!!!!

  8. I am totally loving on that pb&j sushi! It's a winning combo. No contest.
    Loving your blog x


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