Thursday, April 28, 2011

The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing

Something I really need to buy before I go to Europe is a comfy pair of shoes.  I'm going to be doing a tonnnnnnn of walking, and I don't really have any shoes that are too comfortable.  Do you have any suggestions for what I should check out?  I'm going to be bringing my Toms, but I wore those a bit when I was in Chicago last summer & they weren't too comfy after a day full of walking.  Usually I just switch between those & a pair of flip flop sandals... ha.  I've been checking out some different websites, here are some shoes I've found... ha as you can see, they aren't the best for a lot of walking!  But I like 'em... I'd love to hear your suggestions if you know of a good pair of shoes (that look nice!) for doing a lot of walking.
blowfish shoes (I like these in black)
blowfish shoes
blowfish shoes (I like these in whiskey)
urban outfitters
Hahaha yeah, those definitely aren't what I picture when I hear "walking shoes", but oh well!  I like 'em.  And now for the winner of the giveawaaaaaaaaaaay...! 

Miss Kait is the winner!  Congratulations! 

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  1. I say, screw what everyone else calls comfy shoes. Everytime I try to wear their "comfy" ones, I get freaking blisters. I'll stick to flip-flops & ballet flats! =)

  2. oh yay you totally checked out blowfish and aldo - i esp love that aldo one!!

    good luck on your hunt :)

    seriously, i wore them when i went to europe this past summer and i didn't even break them in before the trip, and no blisters, i walked in them ALL DAY, so comfortable and so cute. SERIOUSLY. you should get them!!

    and have fun!! how exciting!

  4. you don't want to wear tennis shoes-- then they'll know you're american ;)

    Have you ever heard of Rainbow flipflops? Now they have a shoe-- they kinda look like Toms but are super comfy, leather. You have to wear 'em around first to wear them in but I highly reccommend!

  5. I LOVE strapy gladiator scandals! I HIGHLY recommend getting something with an arch or something with a good sole because flat shoes are absolute nightmares when you're walking a lot. Especially in Europe where they have most of their original roads. Totally learned that the hard way haha.


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