Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carly from Tea Cups & Bubble Baths!

hi pretty people!
since holly is away, you're stuck with me...& if you don't know who 'me' is, i'm carly from teacups & bubble baths & i'd like to share with you guys some of my favourite photos/inspiration from some of my favourite blogs...

first of all, how cute is meg from bowties are cool? & second of all, how much do you want her dress? too!

i think jen from jen loves kev always manages to look flawlessly put together but this recent look is the epitome of perfection, to me.
until my hair gets to be this long, i will forever be obsessed with chelsea from tea talk's long, platinum locks, so pretty.
this dress looks absolutely fantastic on miss elycia. i love everything about it, the colours, the shape, the style, the girl inside it :)
this dreamy photo was taken by a friend of amy's on her most recent vanagon excursion. check out her blog for the rest of the photos which are equally as dreamy & will make you want to buy a westy & run away!
these vintage beauties are julies from orchid grey

that was fun, wasn't it??
if you don't already have these gals in your blog list, add 'em up! they are all mega cute & super awesome!!
have a lovely day


  1. super cute!!! thanks for taking care of hollys blog while shes abroad, holly too has the most amazing elfin hair! xoxo

  2. Woo hoo I love Carly's guts! Thanks for the love, girl! And for telling me about this cute blog. :)

  3. ya! hi carly! you are so sweet :) i love you too!!!

  4. Aw, so much lovely inspiration! Gorgeous post!


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