Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrate National Burger Day with Lehua from the Girl and Boy blog!

Hi! It's Lehua from the Girl and Boy blog!
Since the boy and I are huge burger fans (we probably have it at least once a week), I wanted to share with you our favorite burger spot in our little town up here in the Bay Area. It's called the Counter and its a cute shop that allows you to customize your burgers as well as your cocktails! How fun is that. There's quite a few locations in the US, so you may want to check out their website to see if there are any near you!

The boy and I both got the special of the month which was Carne Asada. Then we got to customize our own toppings. I picked pineapples, onions, avocados with a ginger soy glaze sauce. The boy picked the exact same thing except he had a barbecue sauce. We had no idea we got the same thing until our order came. Great minds think alike ;).

This time around I got my burger in a bowl. I'm usually not a "bowled" burger girl, but I wanted to give i a try. Definitely takes some getting used to. The boy is a two handed eater. Meaning, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. I'm more of a dainty eater. I cut my burger into halves, sometimes quarters, so I can eat it without getting all messy. It's all about technique, baby!

And of course you can have a burger without getting some fries. This time around we also got chili cheese (my choice) fries and parmesan fries (the boy's choice) to go with our burgers. I also like good old fashion shoestring fries most of the time. They're sooo good!

Burgers are probably our favorite "go-to" food because everyone can make it exactly how they like it. When we cook them at home, sometimes we use turkey, sometimes we grill it, it's always something different. So have fun, spice it up and let's celebrate National Burger Day!

xoxo, Lehua

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  1. Haha! Very nice! I am Very happy to know I got a few locations near me :)
    Just like you, I prollie have a burger once a week! Thanks for the new plaCE I will tasting burgers.



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