Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

Be sure to check out all of my lovely sponsors for the month of May!  I'm so excited that I'm now accepting sponsors on my blog.  I've got a lot of exciting things coming up for May!

Now, time to get started on my list of things I want to do this summer!  I would love love love to travel around North America in one of these all summer long...
Or even just live in one all summer long.  How amazing would that be?  Unfortunately, I don't think it's in the cards (for this summer, at least!  Maybe next?  AH.  Amazing.) but here are some things that I will be able to do this summer:

1.  Watch movies on the projector outside one night.  Friends of mine have a projector and they have talked about wanting to do this a few times this summer!  Can't wait!  (Oooh, imagine watching a bunch of scary movies outside one night?!)

2. Have lots of pool parties.  I want to spend most of my time this summer out by the pool, so why not have friends join me?
3. Go tubing down the Grand River!  I did it years ago with some of my friends, and we had a blast!  I'd love to do it again on a really hot summer afternoon.  Just spend the afternoon out in the sun, floating down the Grand. 
4.  Pick tons of fresh fruit!  Last year Keith & I picked apples (by the way, I still haven't posted the photos from that!  Whoops! I will, soon!) but I want to go out and pick a ton of fruit this year.  Yum!
5. Make ton of jam.  I've wanted to make jam for so long but I've never got around to it.  I hope this year is the year!  I can make jam from all of the berries that I pick! 
6. Drink and make a smoothie every day.  Smoothies are so delicious & so good for you (I always add flax seed to mine, but I think I'm going to start
7. Make fresh pies with the fruit I picked.  I can't believe it, but I have still never made a pie!  That has got to change this summer.
Do you have any things that you want to do this summer?  Or do you have any smoothie recipes that I should try this summer?  I think I'm going to try and take photos of every smoothie I make/drink and document it!  I want to take a ton of photos this summer, so that will help me make sure I take at least one every day!


  1. i love all of these ideas!


  2. Some things on my list: go to the drive in, go to a St. Paul Saints game, road trip to 6 Flags.... go swimming LOTS.

  3. I want to do ALL of those things.

    esp. make jam because I've never done it.

    Hey pie! I have a really really good pie crust recipe. :) I can share if you'd like :) (or it's on my blog somewheres...)

  4. I would love to do a movie night in a backyard with a projector. We are looking for a projector that we can hook up to our iPhone but it's expensive, like $450.


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