Friday, May 6, 2011

No Pants Day!

Here are a few random things that I have stumbled upon recently:

Could you imagine doing this rubix cube?
This sounds like a good summer! 
I would love to hang out here all summer long.
And in honour of No Pants Day, here are some pretty dresses & skirts I wouldn't mind having:

(can't find a link, if you know the source for this photo please let me know!)
free people


  1. Love, love, love the dress photo's especially the Emersonmade one!


    Miss B.

  2. Love the black trim on the yellow dress! What a fun post!!

  3. if i´m honest... i can´t even solve the normal rubix cube. haha but it would be a veeery big challenge to try this one. :D
    it really sounds like a beautiful summer. i´m dreaming now...
    and this tent is the most beautiful i´ve ever seen. :)
    i hope you have a lovely day!
    xo nina <3

  4. That yellow dress is so beautiful! I had no idea there was a no pants days hehe!

  5. I love the yellow dress - and think I may need it!!

  6. Oh I want to live in that tent for the rest of my life!

  7. lovely dresses!! And wow that rubix cube would be impossible to do!! x

  8. Hee hee - this made me laugh as no pants day is something very different here ;-) Love those dresses xx

  9. such pretty dresses! and that rubic's cube is crazy!


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