Monday, May 2, 2011

People retain significantly more material when studying in an unfamiliar font that is hard to read*

My sister is out, so naturally I figured it was a good time to borrow her computer & take some photos on things that I've been working on recently.  Except, almost none of them turned out.  Scratch that, none of them turned out well.  But, I'm going to show you some... ha.  So, just imagine that I also posted a photo of all of the paper cranes I've been folding, and the hexagon blanket that I'm putting on finishing (I'm not sure why.).  Okay, here are the photos!
Photo on 2011-05-02 at 20.02 #3
I looked kind of creepy peeking over... so....
Photo on 2011-05-02 at 20.03 #2
Ummmm, yeah... ha.  I don't usually look like that.  (These are all things I need to add to my Etsy shop!!  Just a smaaaaall  portion of the huge amount of items I need to add, ha.)
Photo on 2011-05-02 at 20.04 #3
I've also been making a ton of these!  & paper cranes.  When I'm not knitting or crocheting or folding (paper cranes ) I'm usually doing this:
Photo on 2011-05-02 at 20.09
Well, not posing with one of my (many) books of sudoku (they are all getting filled up WAY too quickly!  Anyone have some spares they wanna get rid of?   Ha!) but solving puzzle after puzzle of these addicting things.  Orrrrrr:
Photo on 2011-05-02 at 20.11 #2
Hanging out with my sweet little Squirty.  Actually, she's usually around while I'm doing all of the above.  

*I'm not sure how true that fact in the title is, anyone writing an upcoming test that wants to try it out?


  1. haha, you're cute.
    i love your new blog header and can't wait to see all the cuteness you put up in your shop!

  2. You're so adorable! And so is that little Squirt. You've been such a busy gal, I love it! My mom used to be a Sudoku addict. Now my grandma's got her addicted to an online game called Bejeweled? Now all her free time is on that. lol!

  3. your pictures are sooo cute, miss holly!!!

  4. loooove your new header so much, miss!!! <3<3<3

    love, polly :)

  5. hehe!! It looks like you have been busy Holly!! I love those colors and that darling doily! I heart doilies! :) Have a wonderful day my dear!! xoxo

  6. Cant wait to see the new goodies you list <3

  7. Do you have an ipod or iphone? I have a (free!!!) sudoku app called Sudoku Daily, that has 14 free games every day, from ridiculously easy, to incredibly difficult.
    It has the option to auto-fill the pencil marks, and you can get hints and stuff.
    It's pretty great.
    Also, Squirt is adorable!!


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