Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer List Part 2!

Today was another really nice & sunny day!  I went out for lunch with my friends Sam & Shannon, then afterwards we sat by the river while I made jewelery out of grass.  (Haha.)  I didn't realize it until a little while ago, but my left shoulder is burnt!  Oh well, I'm sure by tomorrow it will be a nice shade of brown... anyway, we were talking this afternoon about some more things that we really want to do this summer.  So, it's time for part two of my things to do this summer list!  (Haha what a unique title!)
8.  Have garden parties!  Maybe not so fancy... but eat a lot of meals out in the garden.  For one of De's bridal showers we're all going to be sitting outside for a tea party.  I can't wait!
9.  Go to the drive in.  I went for the first time last year, and I was freeeeezing the entire time... haha.  This time I will be much better prepared!
10.  Sleep on a trampoline.  I loooove sleeping outside, and as soon as the weather starts to get warm I want to sleep outside every day.  This summer I have to try sleeping on a trampoline, at least once!
11.  Make pizza on the barbeque!  I have been wanting to do this for a while, and I feel like this summer is the time to finally do it!  Haha.
12.  Go up north to a cottage.  Even if it's just for a long weekend, I love going away to a cottage.   We sold our family cottage a few years ago (I'm still bummed out about that!)  but there are soooo many different lakes up north.   It would be awesome to go with a few friends & rent one!
13.  Go on lots of adventures!  I guess this is pretty vague, but I just want to do something every. single. day.  Even if it means just going out & walking around and finding something new!  I just want to do something
What do you hope to do this summer?  Have any ideas I should add to the list?  Let me know! 


  1. These are, for the most part, all things I'm planning to do this summer, too! There's a great yard in my apartment complex, & I'm plotting to pack a picnic for my boyfriend & me for an at-home date. And I've never heard of pizza on the barbeque, but not I HAVE to try this!

  2. ohhh can't wait to have garden parties with my friends!! :)

  3. Holly these are all great ideas! I don't know if you have water near you (ignorant Californian speaking) but beach adventures are on my list! And hiking. We just got some outdoor furniture for the backyard so I want to try sleeping on that too. I love garden parties! I think it'd be amazing to have afternoon tea outside... I'm obsessed with tea. It's too bad I am so far away from you or I'd come crash your garden parties :D

  4. these are all great ideas! other things: go to a concert, and eat some new foods!

  5. oooh i love your list!! pizza on the barbeque sounds amazing. love the idea of sleeping on a trampoline too!

  6. awesome list! i've done the trampoline - it's quite fun but make sure the people with you don't mind sleeping close. you end up squished in the middle of it. =P

  7. Great list! A cottage on the lake sounds perfect right now!

  8. great list! Adventures are always a must!


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