Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today's blog post was going to either be about part of my trip to Europe, or photos of Tim & De's buck and doe from the weekend.  But, ever since we got back from Europe it seems like everything is falling apart.  First my memory card is shot, then the pool heater won't work, then the dishwasher breaks, the other day in fan in the kitchen started smoking, and two days ago another pipe burst.  Today we woke up to the entire pool being EMPTY. (After Squirt keeping me up all night because of the huge thunderstorm we had.  When she gets scared she has to sit on my head while I sleep, ha.) So, now the pool is completely ruined.  I was trying to e-mail photos to the pool company we bought it from this morning and the camera (different camera than the one with the bad memory card.) wouldn't connect to any of the computers.  GAAH.  Haha.  I should have stayed in Europe!!!

Annnnnnnnnnd now blogger won't let me attach any photos from any website, so... sorry that this post is pictureless!  I had an entire post written out, but without the photos it's kind of pointless.  Man, this is just not my week... ha.   Hope you guys are having a better week than I am!


  1. oh no :( i know how those days goes. kind of needing a reset button right? it'll be okay girl. deep breath. we'll see your pictures when you're feeling relaxed and ready to showcase the best of europe! xo

  2. Oh no!!! Hopefully all this bad stuff will add up to some really awesome wicked karma for you!! It can't get much worse though on the bright side!!

  3. yucky so sorry! :( hoping everything works out for you! and no worries about no photos sometimes life is just like that.


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