Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dress shopping!

Tomorrow I'm going wedding dress shopping in Toronto with De & Kathy.  (I'm not sure who else is going yet!)  I'm pretty pumped.  I looked for a bridesmaid dress to wear while I was in Europe but I didn't really find anything (I didn't go into any fancy bridal shops or anything.).  The colours are blues, greens and purples.  Here are some pretty dresses that I've found while looking online (I know some of them aren't blue, green or purple...):

All of the above are from Nordstrom
This one I just found today and I looooooooooove it!
It fits the colour scheme perfectly!  I hope they have it at one of the stores we look at tomorrow so I can try it on.  Are there any shops in Toronto that I should check out? 


  1. I just love that third one down! And the last one...beeeeutiful!

  2. Oooh how fun! I love the coral and the yellow ones in particular!

  3. ooooh!! I REALLY love the black + the silver + the lightest pink dress. They are SUPER pretty, but that last dress is just stunning! And would fit in with the color scheme perfectly!!! I can't wait to see the one you pick Holly!!! xo

  4. oh that yellow one is so pretty!


  5. I love the yellow & coral one!


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