Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elycia from Love, Elycia!

Hi, I'm elycia from love, elycia! Nice to meet you!
While Holly is off enjoying herself on vacation I'm popping in to visit. Here in Ontario spring and summer are totally holding out on us, but I thought I would try to convince them to stop being so stingy by sharing one of my favourite things about the warmer weather.

One of the things I love most about spring and summer is the plants! I love when the garden is colourful with pretty flowers and the backyard is full of fresh veggies. I love keeping a garden because fresh veggies are pretty much the best thing ever.

Last year we had a pretty good garden going. We haven't planted anything yet this year but take at look at this...
Those collard greens and that purple lettuce-y plant (technical name of course) survived the winter and started growing again this spring! I think that is pretty impressive! So of course while I was out there I picked some collard greens and had them for lunch!

Do you keep a garden? What types of things do you plant?



  1. this makes me so excited to move and be able to at least plant flowers

  2. i have a very small garden, since it's all in trays, but when i just moved to the house i live in i felt it so so empty without plants... somehow it's like my granny says: plants are silent good partners, once you learn to understand their fellowship :)
    I have a jasmine tree, an hibiscus, geraniums, three "dollar plants" as we call here (plectranthus ciliatus), an "incense plant" (Plectranthus coloides variegata), one we call 'wedding ribbon' and others i can't remember the names, i love them!


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