Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rachel from Adore More!

Hello Holly's Lovely Readers!

Rachel here, from Adore More. :) So glad to meet you guys!

I'm so lucky to be able to do a guest post while Holly is having the time of her life in Europe! I visited Italy and Greece last year and got to see the wonder in person. I remember a few special things from the trip that you can do wherever you are to add a bit of "European `spice" to your everyday routine! With these little things, we can pretend we're in Europe with Holly! Haha.

1. start your day out with a shot of espresso

A little shot does it all. Europeans don't like to waste time (or calories) and they take it like it is. Espresso might be a little bitter for non-coffee drinkers (uhh, like me) but thank the lord for a whole lot of cream and sugar!

2. get a sweet bag to go out with

If you're going to be out all day, you need a good solid bag that is dependable, comfortable AND fashionable. And if you don't have one, just go shop for one! ;)

3. ride your motor bike to town
Easiest way to get around town. You can avoid the traffic and the pick-pocketers. Ride in style and ride with confidence. You own this town as much as anybody else (I mean, right?) This is your chance to act like a home grown European. (And for those without a motor bike, try a bicycle!)

4. make friends everywhere
This is the best way to experience the culture -- the best way to experience Europe! Not to mention, everyone is so kind and friendly. A whole new continent is full of new friends! Love it.

5. bring your journal to art with

Make the city come alive with your own art. I have a drawing that I drew in front of the Vatican, it's not very good, but all the memories and fun times come back with it!

6. take a break and treat yourself to some gelato

SO GOOD. So many flavors, so many shops! Take advantage of it and get it as often as you can! It always tastes better in Europe. :)

7. take some special pictures with your film camera
But, beware of the scanners at the airport. But, really. So much characters and life in film pictures. You can really take a piece of Europe with you!

8. live it up, you're in europe!

Seriously. You're in Europe. Europe!! Live it up and have fun. Take every single opportunity and live with no regrets. BE AWESOME. Also, this doesn't apply to just Europe. Live like this in your "pretend Europe". Make life a little better! <3
With these little tips, hopefully it will make your life a little more "European". We can only wish that we are with Holly and that she is having a lot of fun.
Thanks for letting me share!! And come back to us soon, Holls! <3
Love, Rachel

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