Saturday, June 4, 2011

Suzy from Suzy Krause and the Sky Scrapers!

hi, i'm suzy krause from suzy krause and the skyscrapers. i'm a blonde person, and i'm 5'8".

just so you know.

my favourite game of all the times is mad libs, so i thought while i'm in holly's pretty little space here we could play a game of it. together. :) special, i know.

in case you've not mad-libbed before, here is the idea: i wrote a short story, but left blanks where key words are supposed to go. you need to fill in the blanks with the appropriate word, be it a noun, an adjective, a verb, or other specified word.

to do this, get out a piece of paper and number it 1 to 19. use the list below to think of 19 words. DON'T READ THE STORY TIl YOU HAVE YOUR WORDS.

{noun = person, place, or thing {ie: school}; adjective = descriptive word {ie: fluffy}; verb = action word {ie: fly}



1. adjective
2. object
3. place
4. name
5. name
6. name
7. adjective
8. adjective
9. object
10. noun
11. noun
12. noun
13. emotion
14. adjective
15. adjective
16. adjective
17. exclamation
19. verb
20. name

now you can read the story, inserting your words in the corresponding places. it's like we wrote it together.

so once upon a time, there were three {1} sisters living in a {2} in a country called {3}. the sisters were named {4}, {5}, and {6}.
no one knew where they came from or how they came to be living where they did, but it was known far and wide that the girls were {7} and {8}. many a man stood near their dwelling place, {9} in hand, begging for a {10}, or a {11}, or a {12}.
every one was turned away, {13}.

but one day, something {14} happened!

it was a frosty winter morning, and the three {1} sisters had just awoke from three {1} dreams. icicles hung from their lashes and noses, for {3} is very cold in the wintertime, and they snuggled closer together under the quilts, into the pillows. suddenly, they heard a sound they'd never heard before.

it was a sound so {15} and {16}, so large and so beautiful, and yet so calm.

"{17}!" exclaimed {4}. "what IS that?"
{5} rolled over and heaved a sigh. "probably none of our business. pretend you don't hear it."
but {6}, who had always been the {18} one, {19} excitedly out of their makeshift bed.

she looked down from her perch and saw a simple man with a guitar. how could such a sound come from such a person? it melted the icicles right off her face.

when he finished, he looked up at her and that was enough.

he told her that his name was {20}, and she told him that her name was {6}. and he sang her this cover of a brittany spears song which, it turns out, is a very beautiful song in the right hands.

and they lived happily ever after. but her sisters never married.

the end.

{read the story as originally written here -->}

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  1. cute!! I miss you so much Holly! Cant wait for you to come home to your family! xox


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