Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There’s a band that covers Beatles songs as Metallica. They’re called “Beatallica”.

Today Nat & I hung out and watched a looooooot of Monk.  Does anyone watch that show?  I don't remember if I've talked about it on here before, but I love love LOVE Monk.  Like, I had a dream about the show two nights ago.  It's one of my favourite shows ever.  Tony Shalhoub is one of my favourite people ever.  There is a small list of people that I want to meet (unfortunately I never got the chance to meet Gary Coleman or Freddie Mercury.  RIP!) and he's on there.    I was going to turn this post into something else, but why not talk about my favourite people ever?  Ha!  If anyone out there has some sort of connections & knows how I can possibly meet any of the following (amazing) people, help a sister out!!!  Hahaha.  (I'm going to include Gary & Freddie, 'cause I love 'em!)

So, David, Mandy, Sting, Tony... if you guys are reading this, let's hang out!!!

Who is on your list of people you want to meet one day?

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