Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy birthday Michele!

Today is Keith's mom's birthday, so I wanted to wish her a happy birthday!  I hope you have a wonderful day Michele, happy birthday!  

Love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Often Awesome

Today I was going through my Google Reader and came across this post on Pacing the Panic Room.  I'm on Episode 16 of it, and I hiiiiiiighly suggest checking it out.  Be prepared to cry.  A lot.  Check out the blog post on Pacing the Panic Room about it, and here is a link to the entire series. 

Often Awesome The Series Official Trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Window Shopping, Part 5!

The next week is going to be super busy! Friday I'm heading to the States for the day, then back home on Saturday, only to leave on Sunday morning for Ottawa until Wednesday! Then Thursday I'll be helping decorate for Tim & De's wedding, then the wedding is on Friday! Ah! I seriously can't believe how soon it is!  I can't wait.  I will be sharing a TON of photos from the wedding.  I also have some other photos to share with you guys, De's shower & bachelorette, Lauren's baby shower, and just a bunch of random photos from the summer!   I'll have some posts lined up for you guys while I'm away, so I'll throw some of those photo posts in the mix!  Anyway, here is another edition of window shopping!  Enjoy!
Create your own message in a bottle with this kit by MiniatureRhino!  How awesome!
Hahaha I want to buy this for Keith.  He looooooooooves his hot sauce!  NayArts
These silver bangles by sophiapip are so pretty.
Lately I've been having a lot of baths with epsom salts.  I would love to try out these salts by ForStrangeWomen.  How pretty is the packaging?  (Absolutely EVERYTHING in this shop is lovely.  I want it all, ha!)
I just love these pinwheel bowls by catherinereece.  The colours are so pretty!
I wouldn't mind having one of these wrap bracelets by jpstyle on my wrist!  Pretty!
I love love looooove the colour scheme of this dream catcher print by ParadaCreations.  Oooh, imagine a blanket in these colours?!
knotandbow is filled with such pretty packaging supplies.  Wouldn't this ribbon just make a package so much sweeter?
I just love the design of this print by cloudninecreative.

Do you guys have any ideas for themes I could do for upcoming window shopping Wednesdays? Let me know!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Finds, Part 6

Hey!  Haha okay so this edition of Monday's Finds is going to have a couple of videos.  Last night we were over at Tim & De's house and our friend Pike was showing us some hilarious youtube videos.  I'm not sure how I have never seen the Sexy Sax Man before, but now that I've seen it I don't think I'll be able to get that George Michael song out of my head.  Ha!  And the other video is of Pike!  Haha.  The rest are just random photos that I find funny/inspiring/interesting.
YOU are why.
Bahaha so true sometimes...
Bahahaha you have to read this entire thing.
looooove sheep.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Finds, Part 5

I just love how these two buddies look like they're smiling.
I've never actually eaten at In-N-Out before, but I get cravings for it.  It just looks sooooooo goooooood.  Guess I'll have to go to California...!  Fine with me!  
Love this!
 I just love rooms that are surrounded by books and bookshelves!  They're just so cozy. 
When two different kinds of animals become friends (or, just sniff each other) it's one of the cutest things ever!
I'm not sure what it is about this photo, but I just really like it!
One day I will make a calendar like this.  I wish I had thought of it when I was in Europe!
How awesome would it be to have one of these in your backyard?  Just an awesome place to hang out with friends!  Or a guest room.  Or an awesome office.  (I need to start using something other than "awesome", ha!)
So. Many. Books.  I always say if I suddenly become a millionaire, the first thing I would do is order every book in my wishlist off Amazon.
I wouldn't mind staying here!  (As long as I didn't get seasick.  But, I think I would be able to handle it...)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Featuring: Martin Schoeller

Here is yet another new blog feature that I thought up!  Well, I kind of thought of it a long time ago, did it once, and completely forgot about it.  I'm ready to finally get myself and my blog organized and follow through with these blog features, ha!  Once a week I'm going to feature a new artist, shop, blogger, or just a person.  I come across so many inspiring people (and shops!) every day and I want to be able to share them with you guys!   Sometimes I'll do a little write-up about them, but other times I might just post their work.  Like today with Martin Schoeller:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Window Shopping, Part 4!

Time for more window shopping!! Haha.  I have so much fun going through my favourites on Etsy and finding new shops to check out.  If you have any Etsy shops that I should check out (or if you want to leave the link to your shop!) let me know in the comments.   (By the way, if I ever come into a lot of money I will totally be buying all of these window shopping items on my lists!  I love supporting etsy shops.)

I would love to hang this handmade eat sign by OldNewAgain in the kitchen!
How pretty is this belt by pipdor?
This is such a pretty print by papermoth.
I love this hand-stamped bracelet by dindi.
These are AWESOME.  By raedunn.
Bahahaha of course I love this print by BettyTurbo.  Love love loooooooooooooove it!!
Lovely print by michelemaule.
This recipe box by 1canoe2 would be such a pretty way to keep yourself organized.
I love this papercut art by tinatarnoff.
Aaaaaaaand, I think I NEED to have this sheep print on my wall!  hahaha.  By ContemporaryEarthArt.
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