Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Finds, Part 4


This looks awesome, but I think I would be scared of a book falling on my head! 
How awesome would it be to have a tree growing in the middle (err.. not exactly the middle) of your room?!
What a strange looking place...
I need to find Squirt a pair of these!
Just think of all the sheep roaming around in these fields...
Awesome way to make a dark subway a little bit brighter!
For some reason when I look at this photo I just want to put a tent right in the middle of it and sleep there, ha.


  1. Haha love the doggie. Looks like my new pup. Happy Monday Holly! xx

  2. eeeep!! I heart that book room, but I agree with you! I know a book would fall on my head if I tried to sit there!! :)

  3. love that piggy!


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