Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Window Shopping, Part 4!

Time for more window shopping!! Haha.  I have so much fun going through my favourites on Etsy and finding new shops to check out.  If you have any Etsy shops that I should check out (or if you want to leave the link to your shop!) let me know in the comments.   (By the way, if I ever come into a lot of money I will totally be buying all of these window shopping items on my lists!  I love supporting etsy shops.)

I would love to hang this handmade eat sign by OldNewAgain in the kitchen!
How pretty is this belt by pipdor?
This is such a pretty print by papermoth.
I love this hand-stamped bracelet by dindi.
These are AWESOME.  By raedunn.
Bahahaha of course I love this print by BettyTurbo.  Love love loooooooooooooove it!!
Lovely print by michelemaule.
This recipe box by 1canoe2 would be such a pretty way to keep yourself organized.
I love this papercut art by tinatarnoff.
Aaaaaaaand, I think I NEED to have this sheep print on my wall!  hahaha.  By ContemporaryEarthArt.


  1. wow! what a group! some of my favorites, but found some new ones! thanks so much... liz

  2. Ooh, I love your selection! Thank you so much for featuring my bracelet!

  3. i love that you always include sheep in your favorite posts... I have to send you a blog I just read recently. They're in New Zealand and have a pet sheep named Marley... that has a rasta-inspired bracelet as a collar.

  4. what LOVELY selection ! thanks for sharing.

  5. aw, the pinch and dash bowls are toooooo cute :)

  6. the EAT board is soo perfect for a kitchen!

  7. The Black Betty print is awesome!!! I love that song
    I would totally love if you took a look in my shop!


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