Thursday, September 15, 2011

The average person spends two weeks waiting for a traffic light to change

Somehow I haven't gone camping or slept outside at all yet this summer.   Luckily, I get to Friday night!  I can't wait, ha.  I love waking up freezing cold (I hate being hot.) and with the way the weather has been this past week, I think I'll be waking up cold on Saturday morning.  Plus it will be a nice way to "end" the summer with some awesome people.   What are your favourite things to do while camping?  We aren't going anywhere special or remote (at all, ha!) but we will be sure to have a fire and some beers.


  1. As cheesy as it sounds, my favorite part of camping is chilling around a campfire with a few guitars and beer in hand. Bliss.

  2. i don't camp very often...but i miss it...sighhhh. what a lovely selection of photos :)


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