Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Window Shopping, Part 6!

Time for another edition of Window Shopping! (And don't forget, if you have an etsy shop I should check out, leave a link to it in the comments!)

I love these salt & pepper cellars by raedunn!  She also has one for garlic, we grew some this year & have a TON.
This city lamp by umbu is AMAZING. 
These silver initial bracelets by moncadeau are just so pretty.
I have a couple headbands from muchloveilly's shop, and I think I need to add this golden rod poppy headband to the collection! 
This tote seems like it would be the perfect size for me to put my knitting in! inklore
It might be a bit too early to look for calendars for next year, but I would love to have this one sitting on my desk!  bomobob
This etsy shop is just awesome.  All of the jewelery is made with concrete!  (Haha Keith works with concrete..) The olive green teardrop is so pretty.  DrCraze
The name Green Olives drew me into this circle scarf, but after looking at it I want my own, ha!  So pretty. WhiteMoth
One day I want to fill a wall with portraits of me, Keith, and Squirt (haha).  This custom pet portrait by studiomme is on the list.
I love sheep.  Flying sheep?  Even cooler, ha!  heatherfuture


  1. hello, friend! missing you these days - hope you've been well. :) and thanks for the sweet shout-out! love that goldenrod headband...i have my own. ;)

  2. oh boy, do I love that scottie portrait. i think that I might get one of my big dude!

  3. Such a great collection! I love the salt and pepper containers. Thank you so much for sharing my custom pet portrait! You're just made my day.

  4. Those salt and pepper cellars are the cutest! I want.

  5. Your knitting tote bag is so awesome! I was just thinking that would be great for my crocheting! (I tried knitting...I forgot when to knit versus purl...I may have to try again). =P


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