Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So, we went camping...

I can't believe we only went camping once this year, and it was in September!  We had an awesome time though.  And some visitors in the night, ha!  Lots of things were carved, trees were climbed, beer was drank, and fun was had!  Next year we definitely have to go camping more... or rent a houseboat?!  Do you guys enjoy camping?  Did you get a chance to go this summer at all?


  1. Oh how fun!!!!!!
    Sadly we didn't get to go camping this year. We got a tent for a wedding gift almost a year and a half ago and we have only ever set it up once (in our house)
    Camping is totally on our list for next summer, it's just sooooooo much fun!!

  2. aw loved these pictures! looks like you guys had fun. believe it or not, i've never gone camping before (i've been to camps as a kid but not camping). my fiance said he'd take me one day - i know it'll be an adventure, esp. with someone like me. hehe.

  3. Looks so much.. i havent went camping in years.. i am hoping to do that soon.. now that its getting colder... :)

  4. I haven't been camping since I was, like, 5!! This looks like it was such fun!! I loved everybody climbing the trees + your late night visitor!! :)


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