Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wham bam thank you lamb!

Um, did I mention that I fell in love with a sheep not too long ago?  Hahaha.  A few weekends back (the last weekend in September), it was my mom's birthday.  She wanted the whole family to go to Toronto for the night to celebrate.  We went to Toronto Island, shopped a bit at the book store (of course) and ate dinner at Little Anthony's.  Oh man, they have delicious food.  I've been there a few times, but I can't wait to go back & get the dish my mom got: Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter, Rosemary, Hazelnuts & Pecorino.

The last time I went to Toronto Island I was a little kid, so I had no idea that they had a farm on the island!  I was so worried that it was going to be closed for the season (the island was a bit deserted, which was totally fine with us.  It was like we were the only people there.), but luckily we found out it's open year round!    They have a bunch of different animals, but I was mostly excited about seeing the sheep.  (Ha!  Of course.)
The first sign of sheep!  Haha.
The sheep on the other side of the path were a liiiiittle bit intimidated by us...
But so so cute.
These guys came right up to us. 
Eeeeee!  See that guy peeking at us?  That's my sheep... hahaha.  He/she had a tear in his ear (I think the tag got ripped off...)  I stood there petting him for a good half hour, ha.  Then I left to go check out the 700 pound pig, and when I came back he came running over to me soooooooo fast.  Ahhhh... I didn't want to leave him.
I can't wait to go back and visit him, ha!  Or her.  I'm not sure what it is.  But I love it.
I promise you I was incredibly happy... these photos just don't show it, ha. 
Meet Oscar.  He's 7 years old and 700 pounds.  AHH.
I felt like it was more my birthday instead of my mom's, haha.  I got to see sheep, went book shopping, ate at one of my favourite restaurants & the next day we went to The Purple Purl and I got some new yarn!   Haha.  I can't wait to go back to Toronto Island.  Keith said he'll take me, so I'm just waiting for the day that we go.  Hmmmmm, maybe this Saturday?  Haha!


  1. yaaaa, i've been there. it's so cute. that pig totally doesn't look 700 lbs in the photos but i've seen him, he's huuuuge! lol. did you ride the little things in the sky that go around the farm? i did with my mum last time i was there, i think it was to see death cab!! anyway, glad you had fun. that peacock photo is gorgeous...they consistently amaze me!

  2. What an amazing day!!I love all these photos + your love of sheep!!! You are too cute Holly dear!!! :)

  3. i love that pig and the peacock!!!

  4. what a lovely post! and thank you so much for your lovely bday wish. i seriously wish i could be on this farm today :)

  5. Oh, fun! :) I love petting zoo's! The spotty horses (and your sheep) look sooo sweet! Last time I went to one of these in Victoria, I was plotting ways to get two little baby piglets home with

  6. I love Toronto Island. I didn't get to go there this summer, and actually, haha I"ve only been there once, but it was awesome. Someday I want to get a group of friends together to play on the frisbee golf course and then have a fire and roast marshmallows across from that gorgeous skyline.
    And visit your friend Ms Sheep!


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