Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Window Shopping, Part 6!

I'm just taking a quiiiiiiiiick little break from re-organizing and cleaning my entire room.  I'm getting a new bed delivered in a few hours (!!!  Woo, can't wait!  Haha.) and with my bed gone, I'm just re-organizing everything.  I grabbed my camera earlier to take a photo of my closet "BEFORE", and now I can't find it ANYWHERE.  I set it down for one minute and it seemed to have disappeared.  Ugh.  Oh well.  It will turn up eventually...  anyway, it's been a little while since I did a Window Shopping Wednesday day, so here is another edition!  Enjoy!  (And as always, if you know of an Etsy shop I should check out, or if you want me to check yours out, leave a link in the comments!)

This Life Calendar by BrigadaCreativa seems like such a fun way to mark off every day!  (Unless you have a bad day, ha!)
I just love everything about this plate by CircaCeramics!
How cute is this elephant necklace by ohhellofriend?
I'm loving this cozy looking top by cocoricooo.
What a cute way to carry around a wet bikini!  By studiowonjun
These fortune cookie earrings by marymaryhandmade are too cute!
I would love to carry around one of these doodle journals by makingthishome!
This silver cuff by nervoussystem is great!
I totally want one of these Jack Russell Wine Co. Illustrations by geministudio in my house for little Squirty!


    See you are a fine knitter, so thought you might enjoy checking out these beautiful wool creations.

    Also, found this today:
    too funny!

  2. um, i think i want everything here. that life calendar is too cute - and the knitting needle plate is so YOU!

  3. ooooh what awesome finds! thanks for including my doodle journal in your list. what a treat!


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