Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog Update!

I have been wanting to update my blog for... well, quite a while now.  Unfortunately, my computer with photoshop doesn't work anymore.  Not that that really matters, because I know next to nothing about web design.  But, thanks to the extremely talented Katrina from Pugly Pixel, I was able to update my blog!  So, if you're reading this in a reader... make sure to come and check it out!  Not only did I upgrade it a bit, but I also added some much needed pages.  I still need to actually add blogs to my blog roll, and write the info for the sponsor page... but hey, at least I created them!  Let me know if you notice anything that I need to fix.  & let me know what ya think!  It's nothing special, but I like it!  And it works!  Once I save some money for a blog update I'll be getting a nice customized one.  This one will do for now! 

A couple of weeks ago we went out to eat for Natalie's birthday.  Over the past couple of years, it's kind of been a tradition to go out to eat at Tucker's for someone's birthday (usually Keith's! Haha.).  Tucker's is a huge buffet (with delicious food!) about 40 minutes away from us, and if it's your birthday you get your meal for free.  Every time we go, I make sure we get a group photo taken.  

Keith's birthday 2010:
Keith's birthday 2011:
Nat's birthday 2011:

Haha hopefully I'll have a lot more to add to those one day.  Speaking of birthdays.... today is Sandy's birthday!  Be sure to wish her a happy one!


  1. Love your simple new design. I'm following Katrina from Pugly Pixle myself, and will draw a lot from her tutorials when I'll do an updated design on my blog before new years sometime!

    Looks like you had a lot of time, and that everyone ate a lot! They all look sooo happy :D

  2. I love how clean it is!! And this teal always reminds me of your blog!! :)
    Have a wonderful day Holly dear!!


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