Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bucket List - 101 in 1,001

This weekend I'm taking a class at The Purple Purl in Toronto to learn how to spin my own yarn!  I'm sooooo pumped, haha.  Also, for my birthday we're going to have afternoon tea at Annona!  

Remember that little list of things I wanted to do?  I think I might keep adding to it and turn it into a permanent page on my blog.  See what I can accomplish, and document everything that I do!  Do you have any suggestions for things to add?  Or maybe you have a list on your blog (or in your head!) of things you want to do one day.  A bucket list, 101 in 1,001, or whatever!  Leave a link so I can check it out (and maybe find some ideas!).

(This post was going to be a lot longer & I was going to upload photos, but my computer is being sooooooo slow lately!  I have lots & lots of photos to share with you guys!)


  1. I am so excited for you to learn how to spin yarn! I bets that's going to be so satisfying!

    Also love this Tea how to lol In the Printmaking Department(aka the one I'm in lol) we have a strict tea time at 3 o'clock Monday through Friday!

  2. This looks so fun! And it must be fun to tack of another thing on that 101 things list!

  3. OH man!!! I want to learn how to spin yarn, that's something on my Christmas list this year!


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