Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day Zero Project

The other day I signed up to the Day Zero Project.  Okay, that day was yesterday.  And I haven't really added anything to my list, but it's fun to pick between the two ideas on this page.  Anyway, I just wanted to share a small little list of things that I want to do, hopefully sometime soon.  (I think on my birthday - December 12th! - I might be going to afternoon tea?!  Maaaaaaaybe!)  Maybe I'll set a goal to do all of these things by this time next year.  Make sure I save up money to do everything. 

Have afternoon tea at Annona in Toronto:
Go on a wine tour:

Buy this sampler from KnitPicks of 120 balls of yarn & document everything I made with it:

Just a small list... maybe I'll add to it.  But hopefully by this time next year I will have done all three things!  What are some things you want to do?


  1. I will really give this Day Zero Project a try! This is actually just what I needed in order to get things done! Thank you for sharing it, and hope you achieve your goals :D

  2. awww love the idea of afternoon tea! so fun!!

  3. Oooh - how I'd love to live at that vineyard!! :) he he. I'll have to check this project out, I haven't heard of it!


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