Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a quick little post because I wanted to share this video with you:

Hahaha, awesome!

I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I have that big blog post that I'm working on that I will share with you guys soon! It just might have to wait until the new year.  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas & has a good time on New Years Eve! 

Also, huuuuuuuuuuuge congratulations to Sandy, she had her adorable baby boy yesterday!!!


  1. I love that video! I love when he plays one chord and the dog smiles and stops completely hahaha

    So many people seem to have the flu or just sick in general :( myself included. Hope you get well soon!

  2. HAHA! This is pretty amazing! Especially since people say that dogs don't feel rhythms. Hope you feel better soon! Can't wait so see what you post on the new year. Is it that video you have been thinking about making?


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