Thursday, December 8, 2011


I need to come up with some sort of "catchy" name for this list.  But for now, I'll name it the list of things I want to do one day.  Great name, eh?  Ha!  So far, the list has:
  •  go on a wine tour
  •  have afternoon tea (done!  I'll be posting about that soon!)
  •  learn how to spin yarn (done!  I'll be posting about that, too.  Now, I just need to get GOOD at spinning, ha!)
  •  buy the sampler from Knit Picks & document everything that I make
Every week or so I'll write another blog post & add some more items to this list.  I'd love to have some suggestions, though!  What are some things you guys want to do?  Here some things that I came up with this week:

Learn how to do calligraphy.   I found an online course that I could take, but I'm wondering if you guys know of any others?  I've wanted to learn how to do calligraphy for a while... it's just so pretty!
Take a yoga class.  (Hahaha I love this picture.)  De & I have been talking about signing up for yoga.  Hopefully we sign up soon!
Brew my own beer.   There are so many different & delicious kinds that you can make.
Visit the Grand Canyon.


  1. i went on a wine tour for the first time this past summer when i was in BC and it was absolutely delicious! and gorgeous...we went to a beautiful winery.

    i've been to the grand canyon, when i was about 12...also gorgeous!! wowza, nothing like it!

    brewing your own beer would be super fun! i just tweeted the other day about making my own wine too, i think that'd be a blast!!

    & calligraphy would be so fun to learn. my gramma has amazing penmenship...not calligraphy but might as well be (just with a pen)

  2. I visited the Grand Canyon last summer, it was amazing! I was so glad to have crossed that off my "list."

  3. ohh i was looking for a good calligrapher the other day and didnt come up with anyone i liked but i love this artists style.

    i want to get my parents initials tattooed on me for graduation but i really want something original and gorgeous.

    thanks for the link!


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