Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The List: January Update

Well, since it's the end of the month I figured I would see how I'm doing with the list:
  • Make and donate 10,000 items to charity - Since the beginning of January I've donated 13 blankets to the SPCA and since then I've created 7 more.  So for January I've made a total of 19.  If I keep going at that rate I'll have around 228 a year.  Hmm... I'm sure that some months I will make more, some I will make less, but that's a pretty good number.
  • Read at least 52 books a year.  In January I only read 3.  True the first two were over 500 pages... but that's still not too great, ha.  I was hoping for at least one book a week.  Anyways, at the rate I'm going I'll only read 36 a year...so, I have to read more, ha!  
  • Write at least 100 letters a year.  Um, yeah... I'm at 0.  Not good, ha!
  • Create a photo wall.  I've started it!
Not bad... let's see how I do in February!  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday's Finds, Part 17: Link Up Party!

This journal is amazing.
Speaking of Positano... this photo is so pretty.  I definitely want to visit one day!
What a great backyard.
This pretty photo is a still from this stop motion video.
Such a tasty looking breakfast.
I would love to go here one day!
Pretty place in Derbyshire.
Awesome photo of a moose having lunch.
I love the winter & the snow, but I can't wait to be able to have picnics again.
Pretty little cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 2!

On Saturday we went to my Baba's house for her birthday.  We got her a Kindle, but apparently the libraries in Canada don't work with Kindles.  So, if you're Canadian & want an eReader, get a Nook or whatever the Chapters brand is.

Went to Chapters on Sunday.
Picked up The Diary of a Yonug Girl by Anne Frank and A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.
 Keith & I went to IKEA and I got a new plant.

I've been drinking more tea!  This kind is sooooooo delicious... yum.
 Delicious Waldof salad & grilled cheese from The Brown Dog.
I do have some more photos from this week to share with you guys... but I didn't get a chance to upload them yet... so they'll be part of next week's post!  Haha.   I hope you all had a great week!  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Days are the best!

On Tuesday we all met up at De's house, then headed to the Brown Dog in Paris for some delicious food & good drinks.  And Sophie was there, so we spent most of the time looking at her haha!  She's adorable, as you guys can see from all of the photos I took of her.  I seriously tried to narrow it down to only a few photos for this post... and I had a hard time, ha!  The food at the Brown Dog is so good, and I'm craving another Waldorf Salad from there... I think I may have to go this weekend to get another!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The List: 10,000 Items for Charity

Another one of the items on my list is to create 10,000 items and donate them to charities.  For every item that I sell in my shop, I donate at least one square to the Knit-a-Square charity.  Lately I've been knitting blankets to take to the SPCA.  So, tomorrow Keith & I are going to go and I'm going to drop off the 13 blankets that I have for them so far.  (In these photos the ends weren't sewn in yet... haha.  But they are now!)
I'll be taking my camera with me, so hopefully I'll have some photos from that to share with you guys!   Also, if any of you guys are confused about what this list is that I'm talking about... check this out

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The List: Create a Photo Wall

There are quite a few paintings, drawings, photos & other items that I've been wanting to hang up on my wall for a while now.  The other day I hung a few, but I still need frames for a bunch of things.  When Keith & I went to Ikea the other day I picked up a few frames, but unfortunately I couldn't find any for my strange sized photos.  Haha.  I'm still on the lookout!  So, this wall is no where near complete, but here is a glimpse of what it looks like now!
Haha also, you can't really see the real shade of green that the walls are in any of these photos.  Oh well!  Do any of you guys have a photo wall?  (I don't really know what to call it, there aren't just photos on it.)  I'd love to see photos!

(On the wall I have items from Megan from moonbeamwishes, Kam from Campfire Chic, Yellena, & Kyla from One Late Night!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Peek at my Week...

I was hoping to have this post go up on Friday, but... I kind of forgot.  Ha!  Oh well.  So here are some photos from last Sunday to last Thursday.  I've got some photos to share from the weekend with you guys, but I'll be posting those on Friday!  Hopefully it will become a new thing & help me take some photos of my week!  (Also, I will do Monday's Finds again next week, but since I did the link-up party thing yesterday I'm just going to hold off for this week.)

On Sunday my family & I went out to eat with my Nana.  I was showing her my new photo book that I made (I'll share it on here, soon!) and so she was about 10 minutes behind all of us with eating... ha!  We were finished and she was just getting started.
Keith bought me a new camera for Christmas and it has fisheye... so of course I had to take a few photos of Squirt.... hahaha poor girl.
I made kale chips for the first time.  I just added some olive oil, salt & pepper.  If you make them, hold back on the salt... I barely added any but they were sooo salty!  Next time I'm going to add some Parmesan cheese at the end.  Mmm...
I also made some pizza with garlic stuffed olives, broccoli, cherry tomatoes & spinach.  Mmm...
Once every couple of weeks De has a "baby day" at her house.  Jess brings Wolfgang and Lauren brings Sophie and we hang out all afternoon and talk about how cute they are.  Haha!  It's a lot of fun.  I love those two.

Did you guys have a good week?  Did you do anything exciting?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh you pretty things...

Hey everyone!  I usually don't post a whole lot on the weekends, but I wanted to link up to the 7 Pretty Things link-up party!
This typewriter has paint in place of the ink cartridges!  How pretty is that?
How pretty is this photo of Switzerland?  I want to go back!
This is pretty adorable!!
What a pretty & yummy looking dessert!
A paper crane made out of cellophane is so much prettier than I would have thought!  (I'll have to share photos of the paper cranes & origami stars I've made later!)
This is SUCH a pretty dress!
What a pretty thank you gift & place card!  I love succulents!

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