Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The List: 10,000 Items for Charity

Another one of the items on my list is to create 10,000 items and donate them to charities.  For every item that I sell in my shop, I donate at least one square to the Knit-a-Square charity.  Lately I've been knitting blankets to take to the SPCA.  So, tomorrow Keith & I are going to go and I'm going to drop off the 13 blankets that I have for them so far.  (In these photos the ends weren't sewn in yet... haha.  But they are now!)
I'll be taking my camera with me, so hopefully I'll have some photos from that to share with you guys!   Also, if any of you guys are confused about what this list is that I'm talking about... check this out


  1. 13 blankets?! you are on fire, girl!!

    good job! your generous heart is so inspiring! xo

  2. wow, 13 blankets? that's awesome. :)

  3. I think these things you do make you beautiful as a person :) Congrats, Holly!

  4. Fabulous! They can definitely always use more blankets. :)

  5. You have such a good heart, Holly. Love that you're doing this!

  6. what a wonderful idea, good luck with getting to 10,000 items, that's a huge achievement!


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