Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday's Finds, Part 16! Link Up Party!

I've had the recipe for these cookies saved for a while, and I think this week might be time to finally make them!  Yum.
These wooden bangles are so pretty.
This photo has made me add Yorkshire, England to places I want to visit!  So pretty.
 I looooove these wooden floors.
So pretty.

I really want to try making my own pasta.  This recipe seems so easy!
I love the look of this photo wall.  I've got one in the works right now, I'll share photos of it soon!
As soon as I post this I'm going to go and try this recipe for kale chips!  


  1. I love the photo wall! I'm planning to make one, too :)

  2. Those chocolate cookies look delicious!! I will have to try out that recipe asap!!
    Happy day Holly dear!!

  3. Oooh - good finds! :) I *love* that photo wall, and you have to try Kale Chips!! They're crazily good & addicting...I went through a have-them-everyday phase last year. :) lol.

  4. those are my favorite cookies!!! they look DELICIOUS!! wooden bangles are my favorite :)

    thank you for the lovely and thoughtful comment on my blog! i'm really loving making new blog friends and hearing about other peoples experiences! i never really expected that from blogging and its been such an awesome surprise, thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  5. Those cookies in the first picture look deeeeeelish!!! Just found your blog, so cute!

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