Wednesday, February 29, 2012

21 Days

Ever wondered why I have never done an outfit post?  Well, after looking at these photos... you might understand why, ha!  I tried to take some photos of my hair...

Hahahaha ummmmmmm, yeah.  I don't know what is with the weird hand pose. Or why I felt the need to smile when the camera was covering my face, ha!  Anyway, there is my hair.

The reason I wanted to take photos of my hair is because I want to try out a bunch of different hairstyles.  I'm always just wearing my hair down, like in these photos, or up in a bun.  It's kind of boring.  And my hair is long enough to try a bunch of different styles.

I got the idea for this from the post 21 Days of Great Hair on Vivianna's blog.  So, hopefully there will be 21 more blog posts about my hair.  Except, the photos will be better.  I hope.  Ha!  Anyways, I have been saving a few different hairstyles to try out on Pinterest, but I would love some suggestions! 


  1. Your hair is GORGEOUS, lady! It certainly suits you well.

    Maybe I'll let my hair grow that long someday. :]
    xo, Allie

  2. You have such beautiful hair Holly!!! I wish that mine would hurry up and be that length!!! PS You should totally post outfit photos here!! Ask Keith to be your personal outfit photographer!!! :)

  3. Your hair is absolutely amazing! Oh, you'r so lucky! mine is really thin and sleek, which makes it difficult to make any kind of hairdo unless I put tons of products in it... Can't wait to see your hairdo escapades with that beautiful hair! :D

  4. Your hair is beautiful like long golden beautifulness. It *almost* makes me wish having super long hair, but I think I like it better on other people cause then I don't have to deal with sitting on it and getting it caught in things and brushing it. Lol. Anyway, you also have the most gorgeous smile.

  5. whoa. your hair is freakin amazing....

  6. your hair is phenomenal! I'm trying to grow my hair to your length. my hair grows pretty quickly, so it should only take another year to two years!!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  7. wow! your hair is soo long!! soo pretty~!

  8. Your hair is SO pretty! I love it! <3

  9. I am SO jealous of the length of your hair. I have been trying to grow my hair out for 4 years.. and can't get it past the current length!! argh..
    also your style is just WAY to adorable!!

  10. I miss having long hair sometimes because of all the cool styles you can do! I love braids at the moment, I think they can range from fun to professional, they can be messy or neat, and they're a great way to get your hair out the way on a hot or busy day. Refinery 29 has some awesome tutorials here and it's also worth searching 'hair' in their search bar. I hope you find some new styles that you love! ps I love your monochrome outfit, you suit stripes!

  11. Super pretty hair! I have long hair, too, and I am so lazy about doing anything awesome with it. Color me inspired. I may try something new, too. :)

  12. I'm sooo jealous of your hair! Regretting cutting mine a little bit now... Especially coming into winter again- hair needs to grow faster!

    And omg Michael Fassbender... you need to watch him in an interview to see the full effect. Or one of the videos where he's signing stuff for fans... um, not that I've watched many or anything...

    Also, I haven't forgotten about Vege/Marmite, will hopefully have some spare cash to post you some next week, will let you know :)

  13. WOAH! Your hair is amazing!
    That's the length I'm saving for :D! Is it your real color?

    I've had this "problem" too, I never do anything with my hair. But after being annoyed at myself for a while I decided that I just preferred it down and I (and the world) should just DELA WITH IT! Haha ♥


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