Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's Finds, Part 19: Link Up Party!

Any guesses for what type of wood this is?  It's NEWSPAPER!
Tricky, tricky... haha!
One day I will visit Iceland...
Weird... but awesome.
You know I love tea...
I can't decide if this invisible bathtub is awesome or weird!  Haha.
Love this.
Snowing outside too much for a picnic?  Bring the grass to you!
This is such an awesome idea!
 As always, feel free to link up! 


  1. Wow, those agemap photos are awesome!! I also really like the piano key stairs. I think the bathtub is really cool but you couldn't just be like "yeah sure mum, come in I'm just in the bath" haha

  2. So cool finds this monday! Those children faces/ grown up faces are bizarre! :)

  3. Awesome finds! I dig the invisible bathtub.

  4. That bathtub is awesome...with just a touch of awkward!! :/
    And those meaning of happiness posters are such a tease!!! :)
    Happy Monday Holly!!

  5. Piano stair case and the glass bath tub are both super awesome!! I'd want them both in my house! Great finds!

  6. Gasp! The piano steps - great find! THAT is truly inspirational.

    PS - YOU are a cutie patootie :)


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