Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Finds Part 20: Link Up Party!

Is this even considered camping?  Doesn't matter, I'd love to sleep here!
Love the snow.  And Switzerland!
This is such an awesome idea
What an amazing place.
Mmm how good does this look?
I would love to organize my recipes in something as pretty as this!
Coconut hot chocolate with almond whipped cream?  Yes please!
I love this.
Love this bedroom.
As always, please link up! 


  1. I want to sleep in that tent! And I love that painting of the girl in stripes - do you have a source for it?

    1. Gah I totally messed up on the source for that one, posted the wrong link! Here is the correct link:

  2. I think there is a term 'glamping' (as in glamorous camping) that would fit nicely!

  3. That hot chocolate immediately made me salivate. Just so you know.

  4. I would totally camp there! Actually I would love that to be a permanent setup in my yard for post-dinner coffee and dessert!


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