Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monday's Finds, Part 21!

Today's Monday's Finds is going to be a liiiiiittle bit different... because I found a flickr photostream that I can't stop looking at.  And I can't possibly narrow it down to one (or two, or three...) photos.  So today is just focused on one flickr photostream that I came across: pruginko.  It was so hard to narrow it down to a smaller group of photos.  And yes, this is narrowed down... ha! 

What are your favourite flickr streams to look at? 


  1. eeeep!!! I love all of these photos Holly!!! Happy Monday!!

  2. SO PRETTY. I love the style of photography that makes things look like toys. I don't know what it's called, but you know what i mean, and it's the coolest. Obviously.

  3. I love them! :)
    the flickr photostream that has me captivated lately it's:

    I love her style.. everytime I see her photostream the inspiration comes to me! ♥

  4. Holy cow! I can see why you had a difficult time narrowing down to this lot. (And girl, you aren't alone with having difficulties do that... I swear, every post I compile, I can barely get below 20 pictures! hah)
    Anyway, these are stunning photographs! I'm not a photographer so I don't know the technical term, but I lovelovelove photographs where the distance is blurred like this. So gorgeous.

    Two of my favourites on Flickr are Parker Fitzgerald and Anna Inghardt.

  5. Oh my! This is absolutely beautiful! It is definitely one of my favorite flickr streams now. I have also totally fallen for the photos by this girl over here.


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