Friday, February 10, 2012

A Peek at my Week... 4!

Ordered from Al Dente's... mmm...
Keith & I went to Kitchener the other night.  I wouldn't suggest this restaurant... the website is very misleading, ha.  About only a quarter of the items on the online menu were on the actual menu.  And all of the prices were drastically raised... But, this salad was pretty delicious!
Got a Valentine in the mail from Megan!
The blanket is finished!  Haha okay, my Nana miiiight have taken it home and worked on it for me... but she offered!  Haha.  And she wants us to have a little contest, whoever guesses closest to the number of ends in that bag wins 5$, haha!
More blankets for the SPCA.
I'm not sure what my plans are for this weekend, other than hanging out with Tracy on Sunday for some tea... I have no idea what Keith has planned for us!  Haha hope you guys all have a great weekend!  What are your plans?


  1. ohmygoodness!!! That blanket is SO pretty!!! You are so talented Holly!!!! and I am SO glad that you liked that little valentine I sent you!! I hope you have a thrilling weekend darling!!!

  2. oh gosh I am foaming at the mouth at the site of all that food!!!! sooooo tasty.... The V day card is very very cute! I can't seem to find any cute ones around so I just wrote on heart theme scrapbook cardstock. The blanket looks awesome, I should have a go at a little one soon.

  3. I love that blanket! Oh, and the Valentine's Day card is so sweet :) This weekend I have homework to do, but I also want to read a book and finish my drawings. Have a nice weekend, Holly! :)

  4. oh wowww that food looks amazing! and that little valentine is so sweet, aww!

  5. that pizza needs me!! or vice versa :)

    and i'm loving the blanket! amazing!

  6. Oh my, your food pictures look absolutely delish! You're a great photographer. :)


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