Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Two-Day-Project

Most of you have probably seen this floating around the internet, or seen other people's photos of it on instagram (by the way, am I the only blogger out there without an iPhone?  ha, seriously!). Since one of my goals was to take one photo every day for a month, I figured I should join in.  Well, I got two days in and failed.  I'm talking about the February Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim.  By the time I found out about the one for January, we were already a few days into the month so I didn't bother with it.  Plus, it seemed it was more of an instagram thing.   So when I stumbled upon the February challenge, I figured I should try it out.  So Friday came, and I was having a pretty shitty day.  (Excuse my language, but it was pretty damn shitty.)  Then Saturday came, and it wasn't much better... (Plus, I could hardly get out of bed on Saturday so I didn't see a single stranger.) neither was Sunday.  So, I gave up on the whole thing.  (Plus, I don't even have a medicine cabinet, so what was I supposed to take a photo of on that day?!  Ha.)  But, maybe next month if there is a March Photo Challenge created, I'll participate.  I'm not too bummed out that I didn't get a chance to finish (ha or even really begin) this challenge, because sometimes things happen and you just can't do it.  Anyway, I figured I might as well show you the two photos I did manage to take. 
My view.  Working on some blankets with a delicious twisted peppermint scented candle going (I LOVE that candle) and watching some tv on the computer... might have been Real Housewives of DC... maybe... ha!
Words.  Finishing up The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. 
So, there is my photo challenge, ha!  Kind of sad, but whatever.  Maybe next time I'll finish it.  Are there any project you're working on right now?  Or any projects that you started and had full intentions of finishing, but then life just got in the way?


  1. I did about as much as you did. I keep running into two days in a row where I don't have anything to do, and then give up. Strangers & 10am got me this time. I didn't leave the house the one day, and the next I slept in.

  2. Same here *blush* I saw this challenge and thought it would be a great idea, but I totally forgot about it. Maybe I can start with day 7?

  3. I am still doing it. I did fail the 10 am one solely because I forgot. but I just took a picture around 2 and said its 10a.m. somewhere.

    off topic though omg! I love the twisted peppermint candle I bought about 10 of them!

  4. I got two days in and failed too. I get distracted by this whole baby thing... ;-P

  5. I didn't see this until about 4 days in. :( Maybe next month though!!! :)

  6. Well done! I'm glad you'r disciplined and just DO it! I have this stanford photocourse going on but the assignments are going too slow. I havent had the chance to go out for any serious experimenting yet unfortunately... But I will. Soon.

  7. This is so cool! I wish I could still do it but its probably too late :(
    nice pics though!


  8. I just saw this on insta and thought about joining but it's already the 7th and I'd have to catch up! Wah! Maybe there will be on for March?

  9. GASP - HOLLY! omg, I failed after two days too! Let's be each other's motivators next month!


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