Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldfish are Considered Good Luck Charms*

A little while ago I won a giveaway on Casee Marie's blog and since this year I've been taking photos of everything I've received in the mail (haha I am really trying to take a LOT more photos this year!  Could you tell?!) I thought I would take photos of the things I won!  The purse is sooo nice & soft and I'm loving the scarf.  Thanks again, Casee! 

Right now there are two awesome giveaways going on.  The first is for ad space on my blog, and the second is on Veronika's blog Girl & Closet!  You can win a 25$ gift card for my shop!  Be sure to check them both out.

*About the title:
During the 1620s, it became a tradition in Southern Europe for married men to give their wives a goldfish on their one year anniversary. It was believed that goldfish signify good luck and fortune; therefore, doing so will bless the couple with more prosperous years to come.


  1. This is my first time on your blog and I fell in love with it! Thanks to Veronika of Girl and Closet :)


    1. Oh and by the way, interesting bit about goldfishes!

  2. I need to enter more giveaways! I always skip over them, and then I do't win anything. Very cute purse!

  3. Neat fact!!
    Lovely purse!! Congrats Holly!!

  4. That purse looks so lovely! I like that little tidbit about the goldfish. I love those old fashioned traditions. So romantic. xx

  5. How late am I in seeing this post?! But yaaay, I'm so glad the package got there safely and that everything arrived in top shape (I took no chances with that perfume, haha). And I love that bit about the goldfish, who knew! ;)


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