Thursday, March 1, 2012

The List: February Update

Well it's another new month!  I'm not going to be one of those people who says "can you believe we are in our THIRD month of 2012 already?!"  (but seriously, can you?!), ha.   To me a new month means to see how I've been doing on "The List". 
I made 22 blankets for charity this month.  In January I only made 19, and I beat my goal of making at least 20 this month!  So, that's awesome.  Brings my total up to 74 items.  Still a long way to 10,000... but that's okay.  I'm slowly getting there.
I read 5 books this month.  I was hoping to read at least 4, so... again, beat my goal!  (I just realized I never put my goals down for the month in my blog... just in my head, ha.  But I did make them!)
I wrote one letter.  Ha!  Seriously, one?!  The other day I sat down and was all set to write about, 5 or so... but after one my hand was SO sore.  I need to get used to writing more!  Or start typing letters, ha.  But no one wants a typed letter.  So, I guess at least I did better in February than I did in January.  But still.  Hopefully in March I'll be able to write at least 4!  One a week!  That shouldn't be too hard, right?  You guys need to hold me accountable!

So overall, I knit more blankets, read more books & wrote more letters in February than in January.  Not bad for a month with the least amount of days!  (Even if it was a leap year.)   In March I'm hoping to make at least 20 blankest, read at least 4 books, and write at least 4 letters.  Hopefully I can do it!    Also, I'm hoping to complete this:

Photo Challenge by Fat Mum Slim
And if I'm able to complete that (I'll be taking the photos with my digital camera, not a cell phone.) then I'll mark off another thing from my list - take a photo every day for a month.

What are your goals for the month?  Are you going to join in on the March photo a day challenge?


  1. I want to do the photo a day challenge too!!! *fingers crossed* I don't forget a day!! ;P Congrats on meeting + surpassing your goals for Feb Holly!!! xoxo

  2. Wow - you've been busy! How lovely to make all those blankets for a good cause! Good for you!

    My sister is doing this photo challenge too. Looks fun!

  3. I love your month in review. And those blankets are amazing! You are a busy woman!

  4. I think it's amazing you're knitting so many blankets for charity, that's great! I'm going to attempt the photo a day challenge for March as well. Good luck!

  5. Holy moly, that is a LOT of blankets...what a nice thing you're doing. That's awesome!! I'd be happy/proud if I could knit just one blanket...though I'm also not a pro knitter like you are!

    PS: Incase you didn't see my blog post (I just put it up a few hours ago, haha) but anyways...there is a blog conference in Toronto on May 26th and we want to turn it into a blogger meet up as well and go out for dinner and drinks and fun! Soooo you should definitely think about coming, I'd love to finally meet you!!


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