Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Finds, Part 22!

Ever wanted to make your own stained glass lollipops?!  How awesome do these look?
What a happy looking dog!
Can you believe this portrait is made from coffee stains from a cup?!  AMAZING. 
Next time I make kale chips I'll have to try it with honey mustard!
The Color Run sounds aaaaaaaaaawesome.  I wish they were having one in a Canadian city.
I've never thought of adding pineapple to guacamole.  I'll have to try it out!
These baked butternut squash fries look so delicious.
How good does this Cherry Pavlova look?  YUM!  (Also, check out that awesome blog!  So many great recipes.  And awesome photography.)
I can't look away........ hahahahahaha.
I hope you guys all had a great weekend!  What did you get up to?  Have any interesting photos/links to share that you've stumbled upon?


  1. those coffee stained art prints are just amazing!!! and I just couldn't look away from the friends spoof!! TOO funny!!

  2. loooooove kale chips! hmm i'll have to try honey mustard next time too!

  3. Oh wow, the stained glass lollipops look especially divine!

  4. those lollipops are amazing! as is the pooch.

  5. Doing the color run in Kansas City this summer. Cannot wait!


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