Monday, March 19, 2012

A Peek at my Week... 8!

Delicious strawberry shortcake.  I usually don't order desserts, but I'm glad I got this one!
My Nana got more flowers while she was in the hospital!  Unfortunately she had to go back into the hospital on Sunday... hopefully it's just for one night, though (I'm writing this post Sunday night).
Received a lovely package from Cathy at Catshy Crafts!  I'll be posting photos later on this week of what I got!
Celebrated my Dad's birthday.  My Nana didn't feel up to going out so we brought the cake to her.  (And Squirt, of course.)
Keith & I went out to Elycia's hometown!  Haha.  I'll be sharing more photos from that later this week.
I tried a different hairstyle... haha didn't turn out so welllll.
Celebrated Tim's birthday!  So of course we had to take another group shot.   (Although some people are missing!!! And I love that Scott & I are holding hands the entire time, hahahahah.)
This was last year's group shot:

I hope you guys had a great week!  And weekend since I'm posting this late... haha! 


  1. Woman, you and your food photos make life difficult for me! That pie cake thing up there looks so good I might die if I don't eat some.

  2. What a wonderful week!! It looks like your dad had an awesome birthday !! PS I LOVE those flowers!! And I hope your Nana got out of the hospital last night!!

  3. I love the up close shot of Keith! The flowers are lovely too, those I'm sad you hear your grandma is back in hospital. I hope everything is ok now.

    That asparagus is making my mouth water. I hope your dad enjoyed his birthday celebrations!

  4. we take the best group photos <3 Love you girl!

  5. ohhh yum, so many cakes! they all look so good


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