Friday, March 23, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 9!

Keith & I went over to Nat & Travis' house for St. Patrick's Day.  (I didn't even wear green... haha.)
Received a package from Casee Marie!  (I'll share more photos next week!)
The weather has been soooooooooo warm.  Like, HOT.  & flowers are already coming out.  It's weird for Canada, ha!
Keith &I went waterfalling (haha) to celebrate the first day of spring (not really.  Mostly because the weather was awesome and he was finished work.) and then out for some healthy (ha) food. 
So this week was good, except when my Nana had to go back into the hospital on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily she got out on Thursday night (although it took a loooooot longer than it should have...).  On Tuesday I got to babysit some of my faaaavourite kids (but I didn't take any photos... bah.) and that was a lot of fun!  Other than that the weather has been awesome so I've been spending a lot of time outside.  I told Keith we should try to go to all 100+ waterfalls in Hamilton area this year.  Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world!  Haha.  So far we've been to 2 this year.  Well, some websites count the ones we went to this week as 3 different waterfalls... Aaaanyway... tonight we're heading over to Jesse & Lauren's house and we get to see the Sophinator!  Then tomorrow night I think we're heading to Bryon's house for a campfire!  How was your week?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Margaritaaaaaa. Ohh it looks so tasty.
    Those flowers are absolutely stunning!
    Squirt is cute, as always.
    I'm glad your nana is out of hospital, I hope she is feeling ok.
    I'm going to have a picnic tomorrow and then a movie night tomorrow night. I love Saturdays!

  2. I love those white roses + I want to take a walk in that forest!! It looks so peaceful!!

  3. What a lovely week you've had! (Hope your Nana is feeling better now!) That photo at the top makes me thirsty... :P My plans for the weekend are strolling around in the city and maybe visiting some more San Francisco sites, depending on what the weather let's us do..

  4. I think the first thing I'm going to do when I see you is play with your that okay? It's so damn pretty!! Haha

  5. such great pics! now i want a drink! ;)


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