Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recap of last year! Part 2! (Europe photos!)

Hey remember back when I did a recap of 2011?  Well, when I did part one of my recap?  Ha, I figured it was time to finish. 

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo.
Hung out with Brookle.

Tim & De hosting a going away party.  Thennnnnnnn...
Went to Paris!!!!!!!
And Evian!!!

Milan!  (Um, lots of crazy traffic.  Haha.)
Cinque Terre!!!
Keith's annual birthday dinner at Tuckers!
Tim & De had their buck & doe!

Did lots of tie dying!
De had a wedding shower!
Jesse & Lauren had a baby shower for lil' Soph!
I met the alpacas for the first time!
Went raspberry picking!
There is still a loooooooooot more to come!  Hope you enjoyed these photos!


  1. you're sooo pretty holly! love all of these fun pictures! looks like you had a fabulous year!!

  2. These photos of the landscapes and towns are so stunning! And the last one of you is so pretty too! I envy that you just can smile and look so pretty on pictures! Isn't that easy for me.

  3. I love all of these photos!! It looks like 2011 was pretty fantastic for ya!!! :)


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