Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recap of last year! Part 3!

Time for part 3 of my recap of the past year!  Here is part one and part two.

Went on a picnic with Keith.  (Those are his pickled eggs.  Gross.)
Went rock picking for Tim & De's wedding to make...
De had her wedding shower!  (I have a lot more photos from that shower that I still need to share!)

Went to Toronto in a limo bus for De's bachelorette!
Went to Ottawa.
And Smiths Falls/The Rideau! 


Tim & De got maaaaaaaarried!!
And the weekend after Nat & Travis got maaaaaaaarried!  (And as you can see I enjoyed myself at both awesome weddings!   Hahaha.)
Once Tim & De got home from their honeymoon we all went camping!  (First and only time Keith & I camped last year!  Ah!  Crazy!  2012 will be different!)
We spent some time with the sweet Sophie!
Celebrated my Nana's 88th birthday!
Went to Toronto Island for my Mom's birthday!

Aaaaaaand that seems to be enough photos for one post! Haha. I'll show you what happened in October to December next week!


  1. I love your recaps.

    You have the most attractive friends... but you win for the cutest... you have the best smile ever. I went camping twice and i feel dumb for not doing it 20 times. agreed 2012 will be better!

  2. Beautiful photos! Your friends have some excellent hair, I must say!

  3. i love your friend's big curly hair! and you look awesome in that green dress :)

  4. oh Holly! What a beautiful recap of our lives over the last year. Im so blessed that all my best times were with you! Love you to the moon my sister!


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