Monday, March 26, 2012

Recap of the past year! (Part 4!)

Time for part 4 of my recap of 2011!  Haha.  Yes, it's almost April and I'm still recapping last year.  Oh well!  Enjoy!
Hung out with sweet Sophie!  (She's SO big now compared to these photos!)
We threw a surprise birthday party for Nat & TOTALLY pulled it off!  Haha. 
Tim & De had a Thanksgiving dinner at their house. 
And then we had Thanksgiving at my house the next day!  (Yeah, I totally dip my turkey into ketchup.  Ha!)
My Nana at age 88 tried on my sister's high heel shoes!  Haha and could TOTALLY walk in them!
Keith & I went apple picking.
Celebrated Nat's actual birthday at Tucker's.
Taco niiiiiiiiight.  & Soph came!  Haha I just love her.
Pike discovered he is amazing at hula-hooping, ha!
Met Bruce for the first time!
Saw the alpacas again!  So cute & sweet.
Had afternoon tea in Toronto with my parents for my birthday.  (Err, birth month.  Haha.  It was a week before my actual birthday.)
Had our annual joint birthday party for Jesse & me.
Went to Speekezzies for my birthday.
Had a little tea party.
Keith, Tim & Scott started a band and played their first show.  & B.A. seemed to love Keith, haha.
Christmas at my Bubba's house!
Aaaaaaand we ended the year on New Years at Tim & De's house!
Overall, a pretty awesome year!  I'm glad that I'm taking so many more photos this year, because near the end of last year I kind of did a recap and made a book of everything I did.  I'm hoping to continue doing that every year (sort of like a year book, ha.) so that I don't have to sit at the computer to look my photos & things that I did.  Also, this year I'm trying to take a lot more group photos!  Because they're a blast to look at, haha.  Especially with my friends, haha because, I mean... look at them!  We all have such an awesome time together. 


  1. I love all the group photos!! It always looks like you are all having a blast!! I love your recap Holly of 2011!!

  2. So lovely to see you and your family. Your pictures of the holidays make me wish November would be here (Thanksgiving and Christmas are my absolute favorite time of the year)

  3. That is a LOT of pumpkins!
    You look like you have so much fun with your friends :)

  4. Nana in the heels!! ADORE! lol :)

  5. I wish I could walk in heels like that!

  6. I think that 2011 must have been a pretty rad year if it takes 4 posts to recap. Looks like fun was a top priority.

  7. mmmm, I love your (what looks like) film shots. They are all so striking and dreamy :)

  8. I'm obsessed with your long hair!!! LOVE IT!


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